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So yeah, its been nearly a year since I wrote a journal on this place, and much longer since I put stylus to tablet and actually did anything creative. So here goes I guess.

1: I was mis-diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome. So for two years of my life I had basically no energy, painful joints and constant headaches, all for something that was a simple surgery and was always over-looked by doctors because they just didnt bother or couldnt see the problem.

2: I have been employed for nearly a year now, and its had its ups and downs, but I am enjoying it, even if customers can be so rude to me sometimes I just want to go curl up, hide myself and cry a little.

3: For the past week and a half now there have been bush fires right near me. A little over a month ago there had been another fire, but that didnt get anywhere as near as this one did. This fire of the past week and a half (that is still burning I might add) has destroyed 193 homes in my area and also damaged 109 homes. It is so devastating to go past these houses I had grown familiar with over the past 5 years and see nothing but a burnt out black mess of family memories and lives. This time the fire destroyed houses less than 1km by road from me, but as the bird flies, and the fire burns I guess, it was probably burning all of 400 metres from my backyard. My family and I are so lucky that it did not get to us but I feel absolutely terrible for all the families who have got nothing left anymore.

4: I am approaching the end of my second year at university, and I hate it. I hate the place, I hate the people and most importantly I hate my course. My hatred especially came to the front when I submitted three major essays within a week of each other, got two back, one with a high credit and the other with a mid-range distinction, while the other subject failed me. I had approached them all as the outlines told me to and yet I somehow failed one of them.

5: I have been with my wonderful boyfriend for 5 years now and I am so happy it is ridiculous.

6: I saw Fall Out Boy again just two days ago, and it was awesome, just as they were about 5 years ago when I saw them last. It was kinda a Pete Wentz show, which kinda sucked, but then they let Andy, Joe and Patrick shine and it made the idiocy of Pete not so obvious, which was good.

And I think thats about all I feel like sharing with the internet really. There is a lot more going on, but all this is the largest and most important happenings of the past year. Kinda depressing when I think about it. But, at least I havent been sitting around doing nothing with my life for the past year, I have actually made a bit of a something of myself. So kinda yay me I guess.
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Happy birthday~! Have your cake and eat it too  I hope you have a WONDERFUL day~! :iconspazhugplz:
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It's July 28th which means it's that time of the year again and your special day is here! We hope you have an awesome day with lots of birthday fun, gifts, happiness and most definitely, lots of cake! Here's to another year!

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